What is a dermatopathologist?

At the Skin and Laser Surgery Center of New England, patients can receive top-notch care from experienced professionals. Our team ensures patients have access to the best quality care for their skin, and we offer specialized solutions for those who are concerned about skin cancer. A dermatopathologist is a unique position that combines both dermatology and pathology to provide definitive diagnosis of skin cancer. Skin disorders, cancer, and infection diseases are often addressed by a dermatopathologist.

What does a dermatopathologist do?

A dermatopathologist uses a microscope to make observations of the skin tissues to offer a correct and precision diagnosis. In many situations, a dermatopathologist can help patients with the diagnosis and treatment recommendations of skin cancer. A biopsy is done for a patient who has a sufficient growth or skin concern that is indicative of one of the three types of skin cancer. This is the removal of a small portion of tissue from the area. The sample is sent to a dermatopathologist for further evaluation using a microscope to look for skin cancer cells. The type of cells are also important in determining the best treatment for an individual’s unique situation.

Why choose a dermatology office with a dermatopathologist?

Not every dermatology practice has a dermatopathologist on staff in their office. Having one significantly reduces the time between a biopsy and a definitive diagnosis of skin cancer. Our team can provide evaluations in a much shorter period of time, ensuring patients are not anxiously awaiting test results for several days or weeks. Depending on what is found during the pathology testing, patients are then advised by a professional as to the best course of action to take to resolve the issue at hand.

Learn more about dermatopathology

Patients in the areas of Revere, Chelmsford, and Nashua can work with our professionals at the Skin and Laser Surgery Center of New England to discuss the benefits of working with a trained and experienced team of professionals. Call one of our three convenient locations to request an appointment and get started learning more about your skin, hair, nails, and body.

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