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What is BTL Vanquish Me™?

The BTL Vanquish ME™ (Maximum Energy) is a non-invasive technology to reduce stubborn fat pockets around the midsection. Like its predecessor, BTL Vanquish ME™ device creates a high-frequency energy field that precisely targets the thermal effects into the fat layer while protecting surrounding skin tissue. Vanquish destroys your unwanted fat cells over the course of about four to six treatment sessions.

Ideal candidate for Vanquish Me™ Fat Reduction

In general, a healthy adult who is looking for a non-invasive treatment solution to reduce unwanted belly fat without the downtime and expense of surgery is a good candidate for Vanquish ME™. Women and men who are no more than about 20 pounds overweight and have irregular contours in the abdomen area can expect to see positive results.

What Areas Can Be Treated for Fat Reduction?

Vanquish Me™ is able to target many of our “problem areas” that do not seem to respond well to exercise. These areas of concern with extra fat include:

    • Hips or “love handles”
    • Upper back or “bra fat”
    • Lower back or “muffin top”
    • Abdomen
    • Arms
    • Legs
    • Hips

HOW DOES Vanquish Fat Reduction WORK?

The FDA cleared Vanquish ME™ for non-surgical circumferential reduction of the abdomen. The newly engineered BTL Vanquish ME™ increases performance selective RF™ tuning to deliver even more concentrated thermal energy to the fat layer and is less scattered than before. This prevents sensitive hotspots and allows for higher overall temperature elevation. Higher temperatures lead to higher fat disruption rates. The technical advances produce a more effective and consistent procedure with optimal cosmetic results for patients.

In our clinical experience we found that Vanquish ME™ is an excellent non-surgical solution for patients with stubborn fat pockets that accumulate around the midsection. If you have any additional questions, you can speak with Dr. Khatri about the procedure.

How To Lose Belly Fat For Men

Fat Reduction | BTL Vanquish ME™ Nashua NH | Boston MA Fat reduction procedures have been performed for years, although recently, men have been requesting the procedure more. Men want to feel confident about their bodies and can have their desired look through cosmetic procedures. While the abdominal region can be a problem for women due to pregnancy or weight gain, men often have issues with their stomach area as well. They want more sculpted and slim silhouettes and achieve this through fat reduction treatments. A great way for men to enhance their appearance is with Vanquish ME™.

benefits of Vanquish Me™

There are a number of benefits to use Vanquish ME™ as a fat reduction technique. Most notable is the fact that treatment is virtually pain-free and easy. Many patients report that the experience was relaxing and felt similar to a hot stone massage. It is affordable for most patients, and results are consistent and long-lasting.

How long does treatment take?

BTL Vanquish ME™ is great for patients who are looking for a convenient option and/or have busy schedules. There are no pre or post treatment preparations or care. Patients come in our office for a 45-minute session and typically require four to six treatments about a week apart.

Fat Reduction | BTL Vanquish ME™ Nashua NH | Boston MA

How To prepare for Vanquish Me™ treatment

Hydration before and after treatment is very important, as drinking water helps facilitate optimal results. We recommend drinking 3 liters of water daily prior to your procedure and post- procedure.

Of course, a healthy diet and exercise is always recommended, especially after treatment.

How soon will i see results?

A visible improvement is noticeable in about four to six weeks. In some cases, results are experienced after a single treatment. Many patients experience a minimum of 1inch decrease in the waist, while up to 6 inches within the first 4 treatments. Vanquish Me™ results are permanent, as fat cells are destroyed within the target area.

Vanquish Me™ Treatment Recovery

There is no downtime following the Vanquish Me™ procedure, as most patients are able to return to back to their normal activities immediately following the procedure. You might experience some redness and swelling in the treatment area, however this should subside within one to two hours.

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